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Zpráva:Re:Doplňky stravy - pozitivní zkušenost

To Jana Čejková: Základní informace o protandimu a o tom jak funguje najdete na stránkách Parent Projektu ve Výzkumu ze dne 10.3.02007.

To Jarmila: Netroufám si odhadnout.

To Iveta: Toto na stránkách TrialServe Forum napsal o L-argininu Mc Cord:
I know it is frustrating to hear that a scientific issue is controversial, but most of the things researchers deal with are controversial. That's the nature of research.
L-arginine can be converted to nitric oxide (NO). NO is good when produced in small amounts and in the right places in healthy cells. It is a neurotransmitter and a vasodilator. When it is overproduced in the wrong places and at the wrong times, NO can be bad. NO reacts with the superoxide free radical to produce a very bad substance called peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite reacts with proteins to produce nitrotyrosine. One enzyme that produces a lot of NO is called iNOS, and is located in inflammatory cells.
In a paper published last year by Dr. Buchwalow and others, the conclusion states: "We suggest that enhanced nitrotyrosine immunostaining in muscle fibers as well as in the vasculature of DMD and BMD specimens reflects massive oxidative stress, resulting in withdrawal of NO from its regular physiological course via the scavenging actions of superoxides."
So, is it good or bad to make more NO? My interpretation of these data is that it is bad in the context of a DMD muscle, especially when there is abundant superoxide production. The inflammatory process converts a good thing into a bad thing. If the oxidative stress were largely eliminated, then NO might become a good thing again.
An annoying fact of life for scientists is a phenomenon called "hormesis". (Wikipedia.com will explain it for you.) Things may be good at low concentration and toxic at high concentration, or even vice versa. Many times I read posts that assume "if a little is good, then MORE IS BETTER!" This is rarely the case. More often the secret is BALANCE.
Sorry for the very long answer to a short question!

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